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Zero to a hundred migrations

Migration is a fascinating experience that changes the course of human life. If you do it right, you will take a giant leap towards success. In this regard, choosing your migration method and destination is necessary. In this article, we examine 0 to 100 migrations through different methods. Our focus is primarily on educational and work migration Because these two methods are currently the fastest and cheapest ways to migrate.

Zero to one hundred educational immigration

Educational immigration is currently the fastest, cheapest, and most popular method. Of course, this is for those who have the conditions of academic immigration.

First step: choosing the destination country and university

Each country has its criticisms of educational migration. Some countries are less strict about the language and require less financial resources. You should first check your conditions and match the study conditions in different countries to find the correct country. Not all universities in a country are the same, and after choosing the correct country, it’s time to find a university that meets your requirements.
*Note: Those who apply for a PhD or research-oriented master’s degree must reach an agreement with one of the professors of that university after finding a suitable one.

The second step: completing, translating and sending the documents

After determining the desired university, you must see what documents the university requires from you to issue admission. These documents can usually be seen on the university website. It is necessary to collect the declared documents and then translate them. The process of obtaining your admission will begin by uploading these documents on the website or an application approved by the university. It may take a few days to a few weeks for the acceptance to be issued.

Third step: apply for a study visa

If your acceptance is positive, it’s time to apply for a study visa. At this stage, you must submit the documents you have sent to the university for admission, along with documents such as the account report (to prove financial ability), proof of residence, and university registration certificate in physical form. For some countries, this step is accompanied by an interview; That is, when you deliver the documents, an in-person interview will be conducted to ensure your language ability and that the records you have provided are related to you.

Zero to one hundred work migration

Work migration is a perfect option for those with a good resume in a specific skill (such as graphic design or programming) or are so-called skilled workers. In this method, the applicant usually first reaches an agreement with an employer in the destination country, and then, by presenting his documents to the embassy, ​​a work visa for that country will be issued to him. The critical advantage of work migration over educational migration is that you will get permanent residence sooner in this method.

Step 1: Find the destination country

Each country has its conditions for accepting foreign workers. For example, the Canadian government welcomes foreign labor, while France has stricter restrictions for foreign workers. You should choose a country according to your work history, interests, and conditions. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to whether that country has a workforce shortage for your skills. To answer this question, you can get help from immigration agencies.

Second step: find the right job or program

After choosing the destination country, it is time to find a suitable job position there. Some countries, such as Germany or Canada, have job search visas. Obtaining this visa gives you six months to look for a job in the desired country. Another way is to first reach an agreement with an employer through job search sites and get an official job offer from him. Then, apply for a work visa for the desired country by submitting this job offer.

Some countries have a series of special programs to attract foreign workers. For example, in Canada’s Federal Skilled Worker Program, applicants’ conditions are scored and ranked according to a specific system, and the top ranks will get Canadian work visas. Through this tool, you can calculate your score for Canada’s Skilled Worker Program. Germany also trains foreign workers through technical and professional courses (Ausbildung), and then they enter the market.

Step 3: Apply for a work visa

After a foreign employer is convinced to offer you a job, you must apply for a work visa for the destination country. At this stage, your conditions are examined in terms of residence and financial ability. You must prove that you can afford the living expenses in the destination country for you and your companions. It takes a few weeks to a few months to issue a work visa.

Zero to one hundred investment migration

If you have the necessary capital to start or buy a business abroad, investment immigration is a good option. To obtain an investment visa for foreign countries, having a certain amount in your account is essential. In addition, it is necessary to have the required managerial experience (at least two years of administrative work experience) to manage the desired business.

Zero to hundred immigration through entrepreneurship

This method is similar to investment migration. The difference is that you only present the business idea and the management history, But you will not be responsible for providing business expenses. In immigration through entrepreneurship, the applicant must submit his business plan to an investment fund in the destination country and get the fund’s approval to finance the expenses.

Zero to one hundred immigration through financial opportunity

This method is more suitable for the migration of retirees. A fixed amount must be deposited into your account monthly to migrate through financial means. This amount can be pension, bank interest, or property rent. If you have such conditions, immigration will be possible for you through economic means. It is interesting to know that most countries do not require you to have a language certificate for this method. This method is one of the methods of immigration without a language certificate.


There are different ways to migrate. Each person can apply for one or more immigration methods according to conditions such as work records, scientific articles, language scores, etc. You should first check your needs and see which method suits you. Currently, educational immigration is known as the fastest and cheapest way of immigration. In this article, we tried to examine zero to one hundred migrations differently. If the answer to your questions is not in this article, please share it with us in the comment section.

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