Student work abroad

Student work abroad

One of the concerns of those interested in studying abroad is whether it is possible to work with a student visa. What jobs will be available for students working abroad? In this article, we are going to talk about student work abroad.

Law of student work abroad

All international students with a visa can work part-time in their country of study. Generally, they can work 20 hours a week part-time on non-holiday days and during their studies and a maximum of 40 hours a week full-time during the holidays between two semesters.

Jobs available

As you know, the jobs available to students, even inside the country, are among the jobs that may not be very desirable, but their salaries will help the students’ lives to some extent. Some of the jobs available to students are:

  • Work in hotels
  • Work in restaurants
  • Work in supermarkets
  • Work in shops and arcades

It should be noted that student jobs in countries like Canada are divided into two categories: On-Campus and Off-Campus. On-campus jobs are among the jobs that students can work within the university or college. Some of these jobs are:

  • Work for the university or college itself
  • Work for a faculty member
  • Self-employment in the university
  • Working for student organizations and working in the university library and laboratory

Off-campus jobs are also among a person’s jobs outside the university or college environment.

It is possible to work in private English language teaching in countries like Germany or any other non-English-speaking country (even in Quebec, Canada, with two official languages). In addition, jobs such as teaching and research assistantships at the university, babysitting, and working in museums are other student jobs available for international students.

In the end, it is necessary to mention that student work, in addition to helping to make ends meet, makes students get to know their surroundings more efficiently and gain independence. The most crucial reason for creating student work is to help students enter society and leave the school and childhood environment. Therefore, even with an excellent financial situation, remember the importance of student work.

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