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UK full-fund scholarship

England is one of the countries where some of the world’s most prestigious and oldest universities are located. Few students have not heard the names of Oxford and Cambridge universities or do not wish to study at them. The education system of England is very advanced, and the graduates of this country’s universities can hope for quick recruitment in the labor market. The universities of this country provide perfect scholarships to international students. Also, the rules of educational immigration with a life partner are more accessible in this country than in other countries. Other issues, such as the short duration of education at different stages, high quality of life, low inflation, etc., have made England an attractive destination for education, work, and life. Getting a full-fund scholarship in England can significantly facilitate the path of studying and living in this country. In the following, you will learn more about this type of scholarship.

What is the UK Full Fund Scholarship?

A total fund scholarship is a scholarship that covers all expenses related to education, living, treatment, provision of necessities, transportation, travel to the country of origin and destination, etc. In this type of scholarship, even the costs related to visa and plane tickets are covered. Students who can get this scholarship will not have to worry about the cost of living and studying abroad.

Among the most crucial entire fund scholarships in England, the following scholarships can be mentioned:

  • GREAT Scholarships
  • Rhodes Scholarships
  • Gates Cambridge Scholarships
  • Commonwealth Scholarships
  • Chevening Scholarships
  • Erasmus+ scholarship for study, research, and education

These scholarships cover an essential part of a student’s education and living expenses in England.

List of UK entire fund scholarships

Every year in England, various programs are offered to grant scholarships to international students by universities and the government of this country. These programs include financial assistance to cover the costs of tuition, accommodation, treatment, travel, daily necessities, etc.

You must meet specific requirements to receive any of these grants or scholarships. Also, these scholarships cover specific expenses and are offered to students of a particular degree. In the following, we mention the most essential scholarships in England.

Chevening Scholarships

One of the essential types of UK Full Fund scholarships is the Chunning Scholarship, which is intended to train future UK leaders and managers. Among the things covered by this scholarship, we can mention the university tuition, the cost of traveling to England, the cost of obtaining a residence permit in England, and the cost of renting a house.

Also, a monthly salary is given to those who get this scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to postgraduate students. The British Foreign Office and the Commonwealth of Nations fund the scholarship. All British universities offer churning scholarships, and many Iranian students have succeeded in receiving this scholarship.

Commonwealth Scholarships

Commonwealth scholarships are awarded to postgraduate and doctoral students. This scholarship is intended for students from developing countries in the Commonwealth of Nations. This scholarship is a full-fund type and covers the expenses related to tuition, accommodation, travel, etc.

Gates Cambridge Scholarships

One of the types of full-fund scholarships offered by the University of Cambridge is the Gates Cambridge Scholarship. This scholarship is available to qualified international students for master’s and doctoral degrees. By receiving this scholarship, you can benefit from a grant of 17,500 pounds per year. In addition, you will receive health insurance and a family allowance of over ten thousand pounds.

Rhodes Scholarships

This scholarship, one of the world’s oldest scholarships, is intended to cover the tuition fees of international master’s and doctoral students at the University of Oxford. Only a limited number of people get this scholarship. This scholarship covers the entire amount of university tuition. Also, this scholarship covers the cost of traveling to England at the beginning of the study and leaving England at the end.

Erasmus+ scholarship for study, research and education

Erasmus scholarship is intended for students who intend to study in Europe. Those who receive this scholarship can check in Europe for free. This scholarship is intended for fields requiring graduates in the European labor market.

This scholarship is intended to encourage people to study in Europe’s top universities and then teach or work in the countries of that continent. The Erasmus scholarship covers an integral part of the expenses related to education, living, and transportation.

GREAT Scholarships

This scholarship is intended for international students from 15 countries to study in England. Those who succeed in receiving Great Scholarships can benefit from a 10 thousand-pound scholarship. This scholarship is awarded to students participating in one-year postgraduate courses in English universities.

Examining the conditions for obtaining English full fund scholarship for different levels of education

Students of different levels have different chances and conditions to get the English full-fund scholarship.

Full Fund Undergraduate UK

Since it is minimal and difficult to get a UK full-fund scholarship for undergraduate students, we do not recommend that you immigrate to England to study at this stage. It is better to complete your undergraduate studies in your home country and then go to England for postgraduate studies.

Full Fund UK Masters

Master’s degree students can hope to study in England with full funding if they have the necessary conditions. Undergraduate students who meet the following requirements can apply for full funding and free study for the master’s degree:

  • Having excellent grades in undergraduate and graduate degrees
  • Having an excellent language score (IELTS with a minimum score of 6.5)
  • Having a solid research and work resume
  • Having valid letters of recommendation from undergraduate professors
  • Having a motivation letter and an intense study program

If you have these conditions, try to get a UK study visa and study for free in that country.

Full Fund Ph.D. UK

Like the master’s level, doctoral students can also apply for full funding. Master’s students who have worked on a unique and robust thesis will have a higher chance of receiving full funding. If you are a graduate student and you meet the following conditions, you can apply for the UK Full Fund scholarship:

  • Having high-grade point averages and excellent grades in master’s, bachelor’s, and diploma levels
  • Having a language certificate with an excellent score (IELTS with a score of at least 7)
  • Having articles published in reputable journals
  • Having at least two letters of recommendation from graduate and undergraduate professors (especially from the supervisor at the graduate level)
  • Having a solid work and research resume

Documents required to receive UK full fund

To receive the UK Full Fund scholarship, you must prepare the following documents:

  • Passport (valid for at least 6 months after the start of the semester)
  • A resume that includes academic, job, work, research related to the field, etc
  • A letter of motivation in which the student’s goal of studying at the university and his desired area is written
  • English language degree
  • Translation of academic certificates of previous levels, along with transcripts
  • Professors’ recommendation letter

In addition, you can also send the documents related to the articles you have written or the awards you have received to the university, if any.

Steps to apply for UK full fund scholarship

To study abroad, including in England, you must undergo specific procedures. If you are one of the students, your resume is strong, but you don’t have the financial ability to study in England, you can apply for a full-fund scholarship in England. The steps to apply for the English full-fund scholarship are summarized in the following:

  • steps to apply for the English full-fund scholarship are summarized in the following:
  • Refer to the university website and find out about the announced schedule for sending documents and applying to study at that university
  • Preparation of necessary documents for applying (including transcripts, educational certificates, identity documents, job and academic resumes, language certificates, letters of recommendation, articles, etc.)
  • Submit documents online to your desired university
  • Waiting to receive the results from the university

The best universities in England to receive full-funded scholarships

Some of the best UK universities offer fully funded programs to help international students study. Many students from all over the world compete for one of these grants.

These universities are:

  • University of Birmingham
  • Oxford University
  • Cambridge University
  • University of Bristol
  • Imperial University College London
  • Kingston University
  • University of Nottingham
  • University of Westminster
  • Sax University
  • Sheffield Hallam University
  • University College London
  • University of West London

final word

In this article, we introduced the UK Full Fund scholarship and mentioned the conditions and documents required to obtain this type of scholarship.

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