The cost of studying in England Examining the cost of studying in England

The cost of studying in England Examining the cost of studying in England

Undoubtedly, examining the cost of education and living in the countries of the world is one of the most critical steps that should be taken into consideration in the path of immigration and choosing a country. England is one of those European destinations that, by providing diverse job opportunities, good welfare and social level, top and international universities, the possibility of studying in English, etc., has made many international students choose this country as a study and work destination every year. choose yourself

Unlike many other European countries such as Germany, France, Italy, etc., studying in this country may be a bit more expensive. In this article, we will examine the costs of student life in the UK (university tuition, dormitory rent, food expenses, etc.) and learn about its student scholarships.

The cost of studying in UK schools

The education period in English schools starts at the age of 5 and continues until the end of 18 years, and as you know, studying in this period is mandatory for students. The primary period is from the age of 5 to 11, and after that, students enter the secondary level, which lasts until the age of 16. After finishing high school, students spend a one- or two-year course (depending on their chosen field of study) and then prepare to enter the university. The costs of studying in the schools of this university are also different depending on the level of education, desired field, destination school, etc.; But if we want to say in general, the cost of studying in the schools of this country varies from 10 thousand to 40 thousand pounds per year.

The cost of studying in UK colleges

The continuation of the education process in this country is that students can directly enter the university and start academic studies depending on the choice and conditions of their desired field, Or they go to college for two years to increase their literary and linguistic levels to get more familiar with their field of study and its job market.

International students must submit their high school transcripts and IELTS score of at least 4.5 to the college they choose to study in this course. We should also say that the costs of looking at this level of education differ depending on the college and the city of destination. Still, the cost of studying in English colleges generally ranges from 20,000 pounds to 50,000 pounds.

The cost of studying in England for a bachelor’s degree

As we mentioned earlier, due to the high level and quality of education in this country, the costs of studying in England are slightly different compared to other European countries. Still, students can afford living expenses by allowing 10 hours of part-time work per week. Bachelor’s degree studies in this country last for three years, and international students must submit an IELTS language certificate with a score of at least 6 to the destination university to be admitted to this level.

Regarding the cost of studying at this level of education, we must also say that various factors, such as a person’s field of study, university, city of destination, etc., affect the costs. For example, studying medical sciences and engineering sciences at the undergraduate level is much more expensive than other fields. But if we want to say in general, the cost of education at this stage varies from 10 thousand to 30 thousand pounds per year. It should also be mentioned that, unlike doctoral studies, married and undergraduate students cannot get accompanying visas for their spouses and children.

The cost of studying in England at the postgraduate level

Since studying at a master’s level in England, unlike many countries, lasts only one year and the probability of finding a job related to looking at this level is very high every year, many people apply for an English study visa to study at this level. An IELTS score of at least 6.5 is necessary to get admission to the universities of this country. Regarding the costs of postgraduate studies in England, we should also say that the cost of one-year master’s studies varies from 11,000 pounds to 20,000 pounds depending on the field and university of the applicants.

The cost of studying in England for a PhD

The leading British universities in scientific research have caused many people to apply to study at this level in England every year. To get admission in this stage, it is necessary to have a scientific and research resume, submit international articles, and have an IELTS language certificate with a score of 7. Regarding the costs of studying in this field, we must also say that these costs differ depending on the applicant’s area and the destination university. Still, in general, the cost of studying for a doctorate in this country ranges from 15,000 pounds to 50,000 pounds per year.

Check out scholarships and student grants in the UK

British universities, like many other European countries, have been able to help many international students with the costs of studying in this country by providing various scholarships. Since the number of scholarships offered at the doctoral level is more than at the lower levels, it is evident that getting and receiving a scholarship at this level is much easier.

Of course, it should be said that the existence of such conditions does not mean that you cannot get a scholarship for undergraduate and graduate degrees; Rather, students can increase their chances of obtaining a visa by presenting high grades and GPA, a solid academic and research resume, etc.

Regarding the number of expenses these scholarships provide, we must also say that this amount differs depending on the field and university of the student’s destination. Still, this cost generally varies from 4,000 pounds to 20,000 pounds.

Costs related to obtaining a UK study visa

Apart from university tuition fees and filing fees (lawyer fee, language test, document translation, plane ticket, etc.), the current cost of a UK student visa is £348, with an additional £348 per dependent. Applicants will also have to pay an additional £150 per year for the National Health Insurance (NHS) during their stay. Undoubtedly, filing a case and going through the process of obtaining a study visa in this country is not so easy. If any problems arise, the applicants may face rejection.

A study of the cost of student living in England

Apart from university fees and dormitory rent, living in this European city has other current expenses, such as food and water bills, electricity, gas, transportation costs, etc., knowing their amount on average to estimate the total cost of living in This country can help. Considering such expenses, the cost of student life in this country varies between 1000 and 1500 euros per month.

What is the cost of renting housing and dormitories in England?

There are various ways to stay in this country, from renting a hostel to housing costs. Regarding the cost of staying in this country, it should be noted that the prices differ depending on the destination city and the choice of people to stay. The cost of a dormitory is between 500 and 1000 pounds per month, and the cost of renting a house varies from 600 to 1200 pounds per month, depending on the size and facilities of the house.

Examination of the cost of education in different cities of England

Most of the cities in England have a high scientific level and excellent universities. The cost of living in different cities of this city is additional; Therefore, checking the average monthly expenses in some of the immigrant-friendly towns of this country can be a positive step in choosing the study destination of the applicants. The cost of living in London is around 1000 to 1200 pounds per month for one person, Bristol and Brighton is 800 to 1000 pounds, and Edinburgh and Cambridge are 900 to 1100 pounds per month, depending on the lifestyle of people.

What is the income of student work in England?

Undoubtedly, England’s superior educational level and international universities have been able to justify the high cost of studying in this country. Since England has a growing economy, increased job security and diverse job opportunities in this country have caused the unemployment rate in England to be less than 4%. Therefore, international students can quickly find a job during their studies and cover their living expenses. It is also good to know that the UK allows undergraduate students 10 hours of part-time work per week, master’s students 20 hours, and doctoral students 30 hours of work per week.

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