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Easy immigration to France and Canada in 2023

France and Canada are both advanced countries with high-level universities and will create good conditions for your future career. In this regard, getting more information about educational migration to these two countries is better. This article will review the easiest and fastest way to immigrate to France and Canada. Stay with us.

Briefly about France

  • Official language: French
  • It is possible to study in English
  • Official religion: None
  • Government: Parliamentary
  • Population: 8.67 million people
  • Population density: 46.105 people per square kilometer

Why is studying in France a good option for you?

  • A beautiful and historical country with high standards of living
  • International high-level universities
  • The possibility of immigration without a language certificate
  • The possibility of working in different companies after graduation
  • The case of easy immigration to Quebec, Canada, after graduation
  • The possibility of using various student facilities
  • Mortgage
  • CAF organization scholarship
  • Discounts on municipal services

Briefly about Canada

  • Official language: English, French (Quebec province)
  • Official religion: None
  • Government: parliamentary federal and constitutional monarchy
  • Population: 2.39 million people
  • Population density: 2.4 people per square kilometer

Why study in Canada?

  • The fourth-best educational system in the world
  • 5% unemployment rate and 80% university entry rate
  • One of the top economies in the world
  • Free public insurance with solid coverage
  • The possibility of obtaining a companion visa for a spouse with a full-time work permit
  • Various career options after graduation

Disadvantages of immigrating to Canada

Along with the numerous advantages that academic immigration to Canada brings to students, there is one disadvantage; Immigrating to Canada can be expensive, and not everyone can afford it. If you do not have the necessary financial resources to study in Canada, there is another way to immigrate to Canada. You can first check in France and then immigrate to the Canadian province of Quebec through France. Because there is a strong connection between the two, and the conditions for immigrating to Canada are more accessible for those who reside in France. Learning French will also help you get a high compatibility score from Canada. As a result, if you are interested in living in Canada but do not have the necessary conditions, we suggest you study in France.

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