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All about visa rejection What are the most obvious reasons for visa rejection?

One of the primary and most stressful concerns for a person who intends to immigrate is to get a visa for the destination country and overcome the challenge of visa rejection. Depending on each person’s chosen destination, obtaining a key may have difficulties and challenges, ultimately ending with receiving a visa. Of course, in many cases, the visa application is rejected by the embassy, ​​which is called visa rejection. In this article, we will review tips about visa rejection, the reasons for its occurrence, how to fix it, etc.

What is a rejected visa?

Generally speaking, rejection means rejecting a person’s visa application to travel or immigrate to the destination country. In most cases, visa rejection occurs when the applicants do not provide all the documents requested by the embassy and their documents are incomplete. The reason for the visa rejection is written in the rejection letter, and the visa rejection stamp is placed on the passport. These deficiencies may include the following list:

  • Invalid passport
  • Damaged passport
  • Invalid travel insurance
  • Not having residence documents
  • Failure to provide funding
  • And…

It is also good to know that there is always a possibility of rejecting the visa application; Therefore, it is necessary to understand how to reduce the likelihood of rejection of the case and what to do after receiving the rejection email or letter.

General reasons for visa rejection

Submission of fake documents, bad background of the applicant and criminal record, travel records, insufficient funds, insufficient explanations, invalid passport, failure to complete police verification, inadequate living standards, wrong payment of visa issuance fee, problem in medical records, unclear work status, education and … in the case, not having strong and convincing reasons for travel and migration to the destination country and… are among the general reasons for visa rejection.

Reasons for student visa rejection

  • Low language level
  • Not convincing the officer that you will return to your country after studying.
  • There are mistakes in filling the visa form
  • Not having a strong and clear motivation letter
  • The existence of academic chat
  • Not having enough money
  • Failure to provide residency documents
  • Having acceptance letters from universities and educational centers in the destination country
  • Poor academic resume
  • And…

Fix visa rejection

If your visa application is rejected, the embassy will send you a letter explaining why you left your case; The letter also states whether you can appeal. If you can appeal, you can resubmit your letter for review 2 months after receiving the rejection, free of charge.

Do not forget that the following factors are necessary to resolve the visa rejection:

  • The originality of the documents (do not send copies of the documents under any circumstances.)
  • The originality of the letter
  • Certified and translated documents

To appeal, the first step is to write your letter of request asking for the visa rejection to be lifted, giving reasonable reasons and fully explaining why you think the rejection decision should be changed; Also, recheck your documents and ensure they are complete.

Schengen visa rejection stamp in the passport

One of the frequent and important questions is about the effect of the Schengen visa rejection stamp on the passport. In general, we must say that visa rejection’s importance can differ from country to country. The reason for visa rejection is also significant for governments, and when the passport is stamped with a disclaimer, most countries will deal with it. Still, until the rejection stamp is on your ticket, no one will know that another government has rejected your visa. Of course, we must say that this does not apply to Schengen countries; Because these countries use the same verification system and can quickly get your information.

Canadian study visa rejection

As an advanced and developed country, Canada is one of the best immigration destinations for education, work, and investment. Therefore, every year many people apply for a visa to this country, which has caused the embassy of this country to be a bit strict in granting permits and increases the possibility of rejecting the applicant’s case.

Incomplete documents and files are among the most important reasons for rejecting a Canadian visa. It is also essential to obtain a permit for this country that the applicant must show that he does not intend to stay there forever. If he fails to prove his intention to leave Canada, his application will be rejected.

Financial ability, providing false information, not meeting health standards, history of overstaying or deportation from Canada or any other country, documents that do not seem valid, not explaining the purpose of the trip, not providing sufficient and accurate records and evidence, the future An unknown job in the country of origin, etc. are other reasons for the rejection of a Canadian visa.

Rejection of Canadian study visa

One of the most frequent questions about obtaining a Canadian study visa is, “Is it possible to remove the rejection and reconsider the Canadian study visa?” In answer to this question, we must say yes; If it is stated in the rejection letter that you are allowed to appeal, you can apply again.

If your application complies with IRCC requirements, but your study permit was unfairly or incorrectly rejected, you can appeal against your visa rejection and appeal.

Methods of immigrating to Canada

There are different ways to immigrate to Canada. From obtaining a work visa to studying in this country. The first step for immigration is to answer the question, which method of immigration to this country is right for you?

The following are among the most prominent and accessible ways to immigrate to Canada:

  • Obtaining Canadian residency through work
  • Obtaining Canadian residency through expertise
  • Obtaining Canadian residency through education
  • Obtaining Canadian residency through self-employment
  • Obtaining Canadian residency through investment

Obtaining a Canadian study visa is the best way to find a suitable job and form a suitable life in this country.

Removal of German visa rejection

Regarding rejecting the German study visa, we must say that the applicants can remove the refusal by protesting the rejection of the German visa. Objecting to denial allows applicants to take a position in writing about the surrender of their passport, So they can get a ticket by presenting valid documents. The point is that protesting against the denial of the German embassy must be entirely principled.

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