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The best way to immigrate to Europe

History, civilization, and development meet in Europe or the Green Continent. This beautiful and advanced continent is now a favorite destination for many people worldwide. Suppose you are among the people in this article. In that case, we will examine the different ways to immigrate to this continent to finally answer the question, “What is the best way to immigrate to Europe?”

Educational migration to Europe

Currently, it can be said that the easiest way to immigrate to Europe is educational migration because the European Union has special strictures for accepting other types of immigrants (work or investment) while the study visa of countries like Italy, France, Germany, Norway or Spain will be issued to you quickly and by providing the necessary conditions. It is interesting to know that the requirements for studying in Europe are flexible. For example, it will be possible to immigrate to Italy with a Duolingo language certificate or to study in France without a language certificate. In addition, learning in Europe is much cheaper than studying in America, and good scholarships are awarded to international students. The best European countries for study migration are:

  • Italy: Apart from the fact that studying in Italy is affordable, you do not need to provide an Italian language certificate to immigrate to Italy. Many international study programs are offered to applicants in this country.
  • Germany: Most public universities in Germany do not charge tuition fees, and private universities do not charge much for tuition. It is possible to study English in most master’s and doctorate courses in Germany, and the work and economic situation in Germany is better than in other European countries. As a result, it will be easier to stay in Germany after studying through work.
  • France: France is a country of culture and art, but there are also high-level international universities in this country. One of the most important advantages of studying in France is the possibility of obtaining admission without needing a language certificate.
  • Spain: Spain has a rich civilization and history, which cannot be compared with the previous three countries in terms of the level of universities, but it has provided perfect conditions for international students to study. By providing sufficient financial resources and a good CV and SOP, you can experience learning in Spain.
  • Norway: It is interesting to know that more than 80% of the people of Norway are fluent in English. This means that not only do you not need to provide a Norwegian language certificate to enter this country, but only by mastering the English language can you study and experience a good life there, and you will be fine communicating with others.

In general, the advantages of studying in Europe are:

  • The fastest way to immigrate to Europe is educational immigration.
  • Students work up to 20 hours with a good salary, which is possible for European students.
  • Students can find a job after studying for up to one year.
  • By obtaining a Schengen visa, you can travel to all European countries.
  • You will have an excellent chance to stay in Europe and get a passport to your country of study.

Work migration to Europe

After educational migration, work migration to Europe is considered the most popular way to migrate to Europe. European countries’ work visas are issued more strictly than their study visas. In addition, to be able to offer a job position to a foreign citizen, an employer must first advertise that position in the European Union, and if no one applies for it within three months, the employer is allowed to offer it to a foreigner. Provide a job or job offer. Of course, some European countries have set an easier path for applicants in this field. For example, with a German job search visa or participation in the German Ausbildung course, you can take steps toward obtaining a German work visa. The best country in Europe for work immigration is Germany. If your educational and work records are in line, you will likely obtain a European work visa.

Among the most important advantages of working in Europe the following can be mentioned:

  • Receiving salaries and benefits from the very beginning of immigration
  • Receiving medical aid
  • Faster in reaching permanent residence (compared to educational migration)

Immigration to Europe through investment

You can immigrate to Europe by providing sufficient funds to start or buy a business. Each country’s figure is different for this, but on average, you should have 30,000 euros in your account and report it to the visa officer. There are a lot of criticisms for this method, and immigrating to Europe through investment is by no means an easy task. Of course, the advantages of this method should be addressed. Benefits include no need to provide a language certificate or age limit. Those who receive the European investment visa can quickly achieve permanent residence and obtain a passport. Access to one of the Schengen countries means you do not need to get a ticket to travel to other European countries or Canada.

Immigrate to Europe through financial means

This method is for those with a significant monthly salary without working, like those whose pensions and money interest or property rent are deposited into their account every month. If you can prove that you have these conditions, it will be possible for you to immigrate to Europe through financial resources. In this method, providing a language certificate to obtain a visa is unnecessary. The critical thing about immigrating to Europe through economic means is that in most European countries, there is a condition of presence for this type of visa. For example, if you receive a Greek financial key, you must stay in this country for six months every year so the ticket does not become invalid. If you comply with this condition of presence between five and seven years and during this time, you are a good citizen of the country in question, you will be able to apply for permanent residence. After receiving permanent residence, there is no longer any condition for you to be present.

The best way to immigrate to Europe

We cannot say that the best way to immigrate to Europe is only one of the ways mentioned in this article. Each of these ways is suitable for a group of people. For example, if you are 20 years old and have a relatively good grade point average, educational migration is more logical than work migration. But if you are over 30, it is better to think about work migration or investment. It can be said that the easiest way to immigrate to Europe is the educational migration to this continent.


Europe is considered an ideal destination for immigration, but it has different strictures for accepting immigration applicants. The easiest way to immigrate to Europe is educational migration, But we cannot say which is the best way to immigrate to Europe. You should weigh your circumstances and see which immigration method gives you the best chance to reach Europe.

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