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The best programming language for migration

Migration through programming is relatively easy. Make the right choice to have a clear career path ahead of you. Programmers can immigrate both through work and education. In this article, we intend to reduce your doubts in this field by examining the available methods for the migration of programmers, as well as the most popular programming languages ​​in developed countries, and finally reach the answer to the question, “What is the best programming language for migration?”

Migration methods for programmers

It is easier for programmers to migrate than for other professions. Currently, the number of digital businesses worldwide and the demand for programmers is rising accordingly. Migration of programmers will be possible in three ways:

  • Educational immigration: One of the ways to immigrate is to get admission to fields such as software engineering. The cost of academic immigration is lower than that of work immigration, and you are usually allowed to find a job one year after the end of your studies. In addition, you will not need to submit a resume for educational immigration. As a result, if you need the conditions for direct work migration, educational migration is the best path for you.
  •  Work migration: If you are a programmer with at least two years of professional work experience in this field, work migration is a good option. Of course, you should first check whether the language you want is in good demand in the market of the destination country or not (in the rest of this article, we will review the job market of programming languages ​​abroad). Migration through work has its difficulties, But instead, you will be entitled to rights and benefits from the very beginning of your arrival in the destination country.
  •  Self-employment (freelance): This method is the most expensive migration method for programmers. To obtain a Canadian self-employed visa, you must prove to the government that you can afford living expenses in this country by taking on freelance projects. This method also requires high financial resources.

The best programming languages ​​for migration

In this section, we will examine programming languages ​​in terms of demand in the labor market. By specializing in the following languages, you will have a perfect chance of migrating through programming:

Java Script

This language is used to design 98% of web pages to show the importance and popularity of JavaScript. At first, this language was only used to create browsers, But it gradually took an essential place in web design. Almost every company that offers its services to users and customers through a website will need a JavaScript developer. Those who have mastered JavaScript will have many options for migrating work through programming.

The average salary of a JavaScript developer in the US is $112,000 yearly (a high salary). But is JavaScript the best programming language for migration? It will depend on you.


It is unlikely that you are working or studying in the field of computers and you have yet to hear the name of Python. This open-source programming language is prevalent among computer enthusiasts and activists due to its extensive libraries and robust user interface. Currently, the main application of Python is related to machine learning and deep learning. In addition, Python is used for 2D and 3D design and game design. The interesting thing about Python is that it is a suitable language for educational and work migration.

The average income of a Python developer in the US is $109,000 per year. Apart from this, you can get good funding from Canada to study deep learning with Python. But is Python the best programming language for migration? The answer to this question depends on your abilities and interests.

Go programming language

Go programming language is one of the most emerging and, of course, the most essential programming languages ​​globally. This language, also known as GoLang, was developed by Google and quickly found its position at the top of the market due to its simplicity and power in controlling network systems and massive multi-departmental projects. Besides Google, big companies like DropBox, Uber, and Twitch also use Go programming. In addition, data processors have been drawn to this language in recent years. This means that the Go programming language is an ideal choice for both work and study abroad.

A Go developer currently earns an average of $141,000 annually (in the US).

The best programming language for migration

The cases that we reviewed in the previous section have good conditions according to the demand in the labor market and also in terms of income. But we need to check these two factors before introducing the best programming language for migration. You should first choose your migration method, check the available destinations, and finally find the best programming language for your migration according to the conditions of the goal. If you intend to study abroad in the field of computers and programming, our experts will guide you completely free of charge.


There is no doubt that programming is one of the best fields of work and study available for immigration, But choosing a language that guarantees our future in another country will be difficult. In this article, we tried to check the available methods for migrating programmers and then check the conditions of different languages ​​in terms of global demand to make language selection more accessible for you. Please let us know in the comments if your questions are not answered in this article.

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