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The best math majors for immigration

A significant number of high school students are studying mathematics. Many people are studying engineering in universities. What options will these people have for immigration? What is the best math major for immigration? Is work migration better for engineers or educational migration? In this article, we will show you the best math majors for immigration by examining the migration conditions of different majors.

Immigration conditions for computer majors

Today’s world owes much of its progress to computer specialists, from software engineers and site and application developers to artificial intelligence and data science experts. Currently, computer-related fields are in high demand, especially in developed countries. On the other hand, the income of these fields is very high in countries like Canada, America, and Australia. The average income of a programmer in America is about 80 thousand dollars per year. Currently, it can be said that computer science is the best computer field for study or work migration; Because advanced countries have made notable investments in data analysis.

Immigration requirements for mechanical engineering

Wherever there is industry, there will be a demand for mechanical engineering-related expertise. This sentence shows an excellent market for mechanical engineering jobs in industrialized and advanced countries. Those who have mechanical engineering or are interested in this field can immigrate through work or study. If you have a good work history, adequate financial resources, and a degree in mechanics, work migration to Germany or Canada can be a good option. On the other hand, mechanical engineering study migration is a cheaper option (it requires fewer financial resources), and you will have the opportunity to look for a job after your studies.

Immigration requirements for civil engineering

Civil engineering is a field directly related to one of the basic human needs, namely housing, and therefore it will never lose its prosperity. Currently, you can get free advice to continue studying civil engineering abroad. Another option before you is work migration. For this, you must first choose a destination with good demand for jobs related to civil engineering. If you have entered the field of civil engineering through vocational-technical centers, you can apply for work immigration through German vocational-technical courses (Ausbildung). Of course, it is necessary to note that this method is not so simple.

Immigration requirements for electrical engineering

Electrical engineering is in high demand in the labor market of a country like Canada, and in addition, electrical engineers are given good salaries and benefits in this country. Other developed countries such as America, Switzerland, and Australia also welcome skilled workers. If you are more interested in the academic environment and continuing your education than working, the option of educational migration to most countries is in front of you. After finishing your studies abroad, you can find a job and extend your stay.


Those who studied math in high school have many options for college education, from computer engineering to electricity and mechanics. But, predominantly in industrialized countries, engineers have good working conditions and income abroad. As a result, if you have studied in one of the mathematics fields, we recommend you continue your studies abroad or work in a developed country.

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