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Spain scholarship

Spain is among the best and most attractive European destinations for traveling, studying, and living. The presence of historical and cultural buildings and the magnificent architecture of this country have made many people travel to this country every year for sightseeing and recreation. Also, the high economic and welfare conditions, the presence of high-quality universities with world rankings, and relatively low costs compared to other European countries such as Germany and France are among the reasons that have made this country one of the best study destinations for many international students.

One of the most important reasons that make many people think of studying in Spain is the provision of scholarships with excellent conditions by the government and universities of this country. In fact, by granting scholarships, Spain allows qualified students to study in this country without financial worries. In the rest of this article, we will learn about the different types of scholarships in Spain and check the conditions for obtaining them.

Scholarships in Spain and its international universities

As we said before, Spain, like many other countries, offers scholarships yearly. Scholarships awarded in this country are usually allocated to qualified Spanish or international students by universities, research bodies, charitable centers, and other private institutions.

Types of Spanish scholarships

Among the most critical scholarships available in this country, the following list can be mentioned:

  • Barcelona University of Design and Technology scholarship
  • Basque State University Scholarship
  • Barcelona Cloud Computing Center Scholarship and CNS Student Research Position
  • Madrid short term scholarship in Spain
  • Barcelona Institute of Higher Studies scholarship
  • University of Madrid Masters Degree Scholarship
  • Santander scholarship
  • Barcelona University Scholarship
  • Spanish scholarship from the Ministry of Valencia
  • Government scholarship of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of Spain
  • Erasmus Mundes Masters Scholarship

General conditions for obtaining a Spanish scholarship

The expenses covered by Spanish scholarships and how to obtain them vary depending on the students’ destination university, field, degree, etc. Therefore, researching and examining all kinds of scholarships in this country is one of the necessities. But if we want to say in general, the name tier of scholarships awarded for the bachelor’s degree is much less and more limited than for the bachelor’s and master’s degrees; Therefore, obtaining a scholarship at this stage requires perfect conditions.
Also, the number of fields that this country offers scholarships is diverse, and there is no restrictive choice of fields for receiving scholarships. Among the fields of literature and humanities, engineering science, medical sciences, technology, information, art, music, etc., obtaining scholarships for medical and artistic fields has more applicants than other fields. As a result, it has more challenging conditions.

Regarding the age requirements for receiving scholarships in this country, there is no specific age limit, but the younger you are, the more chance you have of getting a scholarship. If you are going to apply for a bachelor’s degree, it is better to roll up your sleeves to get a Spanish scholarship before age 25. It is also ideal for a master’s degree and doctorate under 30 years of age, and your chances of getting a scholarship are much higher in this age group.

List of prestigious universities in Spain

  • Pompeo Fabra University
  • University of Barcelona
  • University of Navarre
  • University of Madrid
  • Complutense University of Madrid
  • Charles III University of Madrid
  • Polytechnic University of Catalonia
  • Technical University of Valencia
  • Balearic University of Madrid

Spain scholarship benefits

Undoubtedly, there are many benefits that scholarships in this country can provide. Among them can be the full payment of university tuition or a whole part through scholarships, living allowances (buying books and university supplies, plane tickets, and a series of daily expenses), health insurance coverage, and granting subsidies for students’ dormitories and accommodation. , creating job security, providing monthly allowances, and, most importantly, providing English language courses.

Spain scholarship and its visa

If you intend to immigrate to Spain through a scholarship, it is good to check your conditions and prepare the necessary documents. One of the most critical steps you should take in this direction is coordinating and receiving advice from an educational immigration institution.

Also, after receiving the scholarship letter from the destination university, the documents you need to obtain a study visa are as follows:

  • Proof of financial support
  • Valid passport
  • A few passport style photos
  • Paying the student visa fee, which is equivalent to 60 euros.
  • Certificate of no criminal record
  • Visa application letter from the Spanish Embassy

Spain Undergraduate Scholarship

As mentioned, getting a scholarship at the undergraduate level is much more complex than at the master’s and doctorate levels. Since limited scholarships are offered for this course, the competition is more. Having a Spanish language certificate, a strong resume, and a clear letter of motivation can increase your chances of getting a scholarship at this stage. It is also good to know that some universities in this country are stricter than directly accepting students and may consider it necessary for you to complete a one-year college course. It is good to know that students with this degree are allowed to work 20 hours a week.

Spain Masters Scholarship

If you want to apply for a scholarship at this stage, we must say that your chances are higher in the master’s degree, especially if you are under 30! Another advantage of receiving a scholarship at this stage is that many courses are offered in English, although this should not make you stop studying Spanish; Because learning this language is necessary to find a job and progress in this country. You can also use government loans and grants at this point.

Spain PhD scholarship

It is easier to accept a Ph.D. scholarship than a master’s degree. At this stage, the scholarship covers almost all your expenses, and there is no age limit for receiving a doctoral scholarship. The only thing that increases your chances of getting this scholarship is having a solid academic and work resume. International research articles, letters of recommendation from several professors, work experience in reputable companies, English and Spanish language certificates, etc., are among the most influential documents for receiving a doctoral scholarship.

Required documents for the Spanish scholarship

In general, the documents you need to apply for a Spanish study visa are as follows:

  • Medical health certificate in English by the Ministry of Health
  • Certificate of Absence of HIV from the Ministry of Health and its translation into English
  • Certificate of Non-Supishine in English approved by the Ministry of Interior
  • Four photos
  • Providing a diploma for bachelor’s degree applications and a bachelor’s degree for master’s degree applicants and translating it into English
  • Certificate of a minimum score of TOEFL with a score of 500 or IELTS 5.5 as proof of English language proficiency for graduate studies.
  • Scholarship application with complete information in Spanish and English
  • A copy of the original passport information in English
  • Scholarship application resume
  • Recommendation letter from one or two professors
  • Having valid research articles and proposals for master’s and doctoral degrees
  • Having an academic plan for master’s degree applicants
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