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Obtaining residence in England through birth Everything you need to know about childbirth laws in England

Undoubtedly, one of the best and most common methods of immigration and obtaining residence in a country is getting home through the birth of a child; many families would like their child to study and live in a developed and advanced country. England is also one of the destinations that, due to its sound economic, social, and welfare conditions, many people choose this country as their immigration destination every year. This article will examine the requirements for obtaining residence in England through a child.

Examining the conditions of residence in the UK by birth

First of all, it is good to know that obtaining residence through the birth of a child may not be a suitable method for all people; Because there are minimal countries that accept the law of giving birth to a child and granting citizenship without any conditions. In general, obtaining residence through the birth of a child follows the two principles of blood or soil.

The principle of blood is a method determined based on the nationality of the people, their father or mother, or both of them. According to this principle, if a child is born in the territory of a country, he will receive citizenship only if his father or mother are citizens of that country. Contrary to the principle of blood, the law of the soil is such that regardless of the parents’ citizenship, if a child is born on the ground of the country, he will receive citizenship of that country. Like many other European countries, England follows the principle of blood to obtain residency through the birth of a child.

In general, the principle of blood in England says that if a child is born in England. Still, his parents do not have permanent residence or citizenship in this country, and that child will not be eligible to obtain residency and citizenship in England. A child can get home in the country if one or both parents have British citizenship.

Residence in the UK by birth for parents

Regarding the conditions for obtaining residence for the child’s parents, we must say that, according to the blood principle, UK residence for a child born is only possible if one of his parents has British citizenship. For example, suppose that an English woman marries a foreign man and they have a child; the born child can receive British citizenship, and his parents will also have both British residences; However, if the child’s parents do not have the citizenship of this country, but the child is born in the UK, it is not possible for him or his parents to obtain UK citizenship.

Residency in the UK through birth and dual citizenship checks

It should be mentioned that England is one of the few countries that has provided dual citizenship for its citizens. Dual citizenship or nationality is allowed in this country, and applicants can easily apply for foreign citizenship while maintaining their English citizenship. Considering the principle of blood, being born in England can create the possibility of dual citizenship, which is acceptable to the British government. It is also good to know that if the child’s parents do not have British citizenship and their child was born in England, that child must reside in England until age 10 to be granted British citizenship.

Residence in the UK through birth and UK tourist visa

Many couples travel to this country with a tourist visa to give birth to their child in England in the hope of obtaining British citizenship. Since the acquisition of citizenship and residence in this country follows the principle of blood, and by being born there, no citizenship or residency is granted to the child and his parents, it is futile to do such a thing in the hope of obtaining residence.

How to apply for UK residency by birth

Children born in England and one of their parents has British citizenship automatically receive citizenship of this country. Also, children whose parents are from Schengen countries and whose parents have lived in England for at least 5 years can register their children’s details and go through the process of obtaining residence by submitting the required documents.

Documents required to obtain UK residency through birth

The necessary documents to obtain UK residency that you need by birth are as follows:

  • Completed application form for UK citizenship or residence
  • Valid passport of parents
  • Birth certificate and identification documents
  • Files related to child health (vaccination certificate, etc.)
  • Personal medical record
  • Nursing records, school, and…

The cost of applying for UK residency through birth

Those who reside in this country or are married to permanent residents can obtain UK residency for their child (without paying any fees). Regarding the cost of birth in this country, we must also say that if you do not have insurance, the birth price is almost high; So, the cost of natural childbirth without insurance is about 2300 pounds, and cesarean birth is 3400 pounds.

Where do I start to immigrate to England?

Undoubtedly, apart from the birth of a child, there are different ways to immigrate to England. From obtaining a work visa to studying in this country. The first step for immigration is to answer the question, which method of immigration to this country is right for you?

Educational migration to England is the best way to find a suitable job and form a harmonious life there.

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