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Immigration without education

Is it possible to immigrate without a degree? Yes, those who intend to immigrate through investment, work, or financial resources can immigrate without providing an educational qualification. Of course, the conditions are different for each country, and in general, providing an academic degree is considered a positive factor for the applicant’s visa chances. Germany and Canada have provided the best conditions for immigration without educational qualifications. In the following, we will examine the best methods of immigration without a degree.

The importance of providing educational qualifications for immigration

Providing an educational certificate for those who intend to migrate for education will be necessary. However, in some cases, applicants for a work visa must offer an academic degree related to the work field, and in other cases, providing an educational degree is considered a positive factor for the applicant. Of course, there are also methods in which it is unnecessary to provide an academic degree; For example, if you immigrate through marriage or your parents sponsor you, you will not need to provide an education certificate. In addition, the investment visa in some countries is issued without the need to provide an educational qualification from the applicant’s side.

Methods of immigration without a degree

Each country has its conditions for visa issuance. Some countries require you to have a degree for a work or investment visa. While countries like Germany or Canada issue work visas for some occupations with a professional technical degree, migration to countries such as Spain, Greece, and France through financial means does not require an educational qualification. Those who intend to immigrate without a degree will have limited options, But this is not impossible. Just be careful in choosing the country and immigration method.

Work immigration to Canada without a degree

Canada is one of the most attractive immigration destinations in the world, making it possible for applicants to immigrate without a degree. Of course, it is necessary to note that obtaining a Canadian work visa without a degree will only be possible for a series of jobs. To determine if your job field includes this method, refer to this link and read the relevant explanations from the Government of Canada website. At the bottom of the page in the link, you can also search for your job title and see which category it belongs to. Here are the Canadian job categories:

  • Zero-level skill: management jobs such as restaurant manager, mine manager, and ship sailor.
  • A-level skills: jobs that require a university degree, Like a doctor, architect, or civil engineer
  • Skill Level B: technical jobs such as cooking, plumbing, and installations, for which an associate’s degree is enough, and additional training is provided to the applicant through an internship.
  • C-level skills: jobs that require high school education (diploma), and you may also have a series of job training, Like a butcher, driving a heavy car, and a waiter in a restaurant.
  • Skill Level D: Jobs that only require practical training and internships to enter, and you don’t need to provide a university degree or diploma, such as farm workers, service activities such as cleaning, and oil tanker workers.

As you can see, work immigration is possible for those with B-level skills with a professional technical degree. For those with C and D-level skills, it will be possible to immigrate without an education degree. If your skills are in these categories, you can apply for work immigration to Canada without an education degree by preparing the necessary documents, including a resume.

Work immigration to Germany without a degree

The German government has given special priority to attracting skilled foreign workers. That is why the importance of resumes and certificates such as professional technical degrees for this country’s government is more important than educational degrees. Of course, it is necessary to note that for some jobs, such as engineering, immigration is impossible without a degree. Still, it is enough for technical positions, such as cooking and electrical work, to provide a vocational-technical certificate and participate in the German vocational-technical course (Ausbildung). Of course, providing an educational certificate is considered a positive point for obtaining a German visa, and the absence of an academic certificate increases your chances of rejection.

Migration through finance

One of the ways to immigrate without a degree is to immigrate to European countries through financial means. Currently, Greece, Spain, and France offer you the best conditions for immigration through financial resources. For this method, it is necessary to have a certain amount of financial resources, and apart from this resource, an amount must be deposited into your account every month (such as pension or property rent). It is interesting to know that with this method, immigration is possible without an education or language certificate.

Immigration through marriage or sponsorship

If you marry a person who has the citizenship of a country, it will be possible for you to obtain a visa and stay in that country. In addition, if your spouse, child, or parents receive a passport from a foreign country, they can become your sponsor, and you can immigrate to that country. Of course, the laws related to sponsoring are different for each country, and the criticisms in this field may be less or more. But in general, it will be possible to immigrate without a degree.


Providing a degree is mandatory in some immigration methods and only a privilege in some immigration methods. For example, providing a degree is only an advantage if you want to do technical work in Germany or Canada. You will not need a degree to immigrate through investment or financial resources.

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