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IELTS score for studying in England What is the minimum IELTS passing score to study in England?

Studying in prestigious universities around the world, the possibility of looking in English, good economic conditions, high job security, diverse work opportunities, etc., are among the reasons that have made many international students choose England as their study and work destination every year. Suppose you are one of the applicants to study in this European country. In that case, you must know very well that having an IELTS certificate is necessary to get admission to the top universities in this country. Therefore, in this article, we are going to learn about this international language test and check the minimum passing score of the IELTS test for studying at different levels in England.

Getting to know the IELTS language test

IELTS English language test (IELTS), abbreviated as International English Language Test System, is an international test to check and measure the English language level of the applicants. This test consists of four primary skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. will be

It is also good to know that the IELTS test is conducted in two types, general and academic, and applicants studying in English universities and studying in England and other countries need to apply for an academic degree. IELTS General is also usually held to check people’s conversational ability in everyday situations.

IELTS score for studying in England

As we mentioned earlier, to study in the universities of England, having an IELTS language certificate is necessary to get admission. The excellent education system and affordable prices have made many people prefer the universities of this country over America and Canada. In the following, we will check the IELTS test’s minimum score for admission to different educational levels in this country.

IELTS score for studying in UK schools

The education period in English schools starts from age 5 and continues until age 18, and education in this period is compulsory. The primary period is from the age of 5 to 11, and after that, students enter the secondary level, which lasts until the age of 16. After completing secondary school, students spend a two-year course and then prepare to enter university.

About the level of English and the presentation of a language certificate for admission to the schools of this country, we must say that there is no need to provide a language certificate to study at this level, and having the ability to read and write is enough to enter the schools, depending on the age of the applicants.

IELTS score for undergraduate study in England

Undoubtedly, obtaining an undergraduate study visa is one of the easiest and most common ways to immigrate to this country. Studying this course in England takes 3 years, and it is necessary to provide a high school diploma for admission to the bachelor’s degree. Therefore, applicants must participate in the high school exam under the title of GCSE and obtain at least a grade of C.

Regarding the level of English language and the presentation of a language certificate at the bachelor’s story, we must also say that the production of the IELTS language certificate with a score of at least 6.5 is necessary for admission to most universities in this country. Also, applicants whose IELTS score is 5.5 can increase their score by participating in a one-year language course and then applying again for the bachelor’s course.

IELTS score for studying in England at postgraduate level

Studying a master’s course in England can be a suitable option for people with a good language level; Because these people can easily find work while looking. Studying in this course is for one year, and applicants must apply for admission to this course with a score of at least 6.5 on the IELTS test. It should be mentioned that people with a score lower than 6.5 can increase their language level by taking a one-year preparatory course known as pre-master and then applying for a master’s degree.

IELTS score for studying in England for PhD

The first step to getting admission to a doctorate in the universities of this country is to communicate and find a supervisor. Applicants must submit their admission application and the necessary documents for registration (including the IELTS certificate) after the supervisor’s approval. The minimum acceptable score for admission to the doctoral degree is 7. It is also worth mentioning that if the academic level or language of the students is not suitable, they should increase their status by participating in the Pre-PHD course and applying again for the doctoral degree. It is also good to know that applicants for this course can also get accompanying visas for their spouses and children; Of course, such an issue does not apply to the preliminary doctoral study and only includes the doctoral system.

What language certificate do we need for the British Embassy?

The language certificate that you must present to the embassy to obtain a study visa in England is the IELTS language certificate, the score of which varies depending on the level of study and the university of the person’s destination; But if we want to say in general, the minimum acceptable grade that you can present to the embassy is 5.5 or 6. Regarding the educational interview at the embassy of this country, we must also say that during the interview you will not be asked to present a language certificate and you must show your language level to the embassy officer during the interview.

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