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French scholarship

France is definitely one of the best European destinations for studying and living. Strong educational system, high welfare level, existence of job security, pristine nature and relaxing environment of this country are among the reasons that encourage many people to immigrate to France. If you are also interested in studying in France, but you are a little hesitant and worried about the costs, we must say that the French government offers a series of scholarships to qualified students every year so that you don’t have to worry about the costs anymore. In the rest of this article, we are going to get to know the types of scholarships in France and check the general conditions of obtaining a scholarship in this country.

Getting to know the types of French scholarships

A scholarship is financial aid for various living expenses, such as university tuition, food, housing, etc., granted to qualified students by universities or particular educational institutions. The scholarship allows students to benefit from educational facilities without paying tuition fees.

First of all, it is good to know that studying French in the public universities of this country is almost free; Having said that, many university scholarships in France provide interested and qualified students with the opportunity to continue studying at the best and best universities in the world.

French scholarships can be divided into four categories according to the institutions that grant scholarships:

  • Campus Bourses
  • Scholarships of the Ministry of Higher Education (The French Ministry of Higher Education and Research also awards scholarships)
  • French regions and towns allocate scholarships
  • Scholarships of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (The French Foreign Ministry awards)

Free French scholarship

It is good to know that there are different types of scholarships in France depending on your field and university; the list below is the most famous free scholarships in France:

  • Excellent Eiffel Scholarship
  • Erasmus scholarship
  • Lyon University Masters Scholarship
  • Amper High Scholarship from ENS Institute
  • Master’s Scholarship at Saclay University of Paris
  • MBA scholarship at HEC Paris
  • Ecole Normale Superior scholarship
  • Grenoble Technology Foundation Scholarship
  • Emil Bothami scholarship

French Eiffel Scholarship

Suppose you plan to study for a master’s or doctorate in France. In that case, the Eiffel scholarship can cover all the expenses of your studies (round-trip plane ticket, housing, insurance, living expenses, etc.)! Fields such as biology and health, environmental, math and digital, science and engineering, French language and civilization, law, political science, economy, and management, etc., are among the fields that include receiving the French Eiffel scholarship.

Suppose you plan to benefit from this scholarship of 1180 euros during your master’s degree. In that case, you must, first of all, have a good and robust daily life, study in one of the universities in France, and get excellent grades during your student life and in activities related to Being a leader in your field; It is also good to know that the grants of this scholarship will increase to 1400 Euros per month during the Ph.D. program.

French Erasmus scholarship

With a budget of about 26 billion euros, the Erasmus scholarship can be one of the most significant scholarships in this country. This scholarship is also the most influential scholarship in the European Union that covers the living expenses of Ph.D. and Masters students.

Erasmus not only supports the students in terms of living expenses but also deposits about 850 euros per month into the student’s account. To receive this golden scholarship, you need to have a brilliant academic record, have written excellent research articles, and, most importantly, have a GPA above 17 and have no history of probation.

The documents you need to register for the Eiffel and Erasmus scholarship are as follows:

  • motivation letter
  • French or English language certificate
  • Translation of transcripts
  • Translation of the last degree
  • The maximum age of applicants for a master’s degree is 25 years and for a doctorate is 30 years.
  • Acceptance letter from the desired university

French Full Fund scholarship conditions

One of France’s ideal scholarships is this country’s full-fund scholarship. The French Full Fund scholarship provides study conditions for Ph.D. students without financial worries. This scholarship covers all living expenses, education expenses, commuting expenses, and research expenses of the student. If you are looking to get this scholarship, it is necessary and practical to have the following conditions in your academic resume:

  • Having an average of 4 out of 5
  • Having at least one project or research paper
  • Basic motivation letter
  • Having scientific articles related to your field of study
  • Carrying out numerous research studies
  • Completeness of the file
  • Having at least one invention and significant scientific achievement

What fields does France offer scholarships?

If you are looking to obtain a French study visa through the scholarships of this country, first of all, you need to check to see if France offers scholarships for your field. Most of the areas of study that France offers scholarships are related to engineering, economics, political science, and management. However, there are several other high-demand areas for which scholarships are available. Fields like:

  • Arts, humanities and social sciences scholarship (ENS Lyon scholarship)
  • French medical scholarship
  • Economics and Management Scholarship (France Eiffel Scholarship)
  • French dental scholarship
  • Engineering and law scholarship (French Eiffel scholarship)
  • MBA executive management scholarship
  • French language scholarship
  • French art scholarship
  • Scholarship for clothing design in France

French law scholarship

One of the scholarships of the European Union is related to the scholarship of the field of law, which is provided for undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral students in this field. The positive thing about this scholarship is that apart from covering the students’ living expenses, monthly salaries are also deposited into their accounts. It is also good to know that Eiffel Scholarships are available for qualified law students.

French art scholarship

France, as one of the artistic and cultural centers of the world, with its centuries-old artistic background, is one of the best destinations for learning art. Therefore, there are many art colleges and schools of fine arts (Écoles des Beaux-Arts) in this country which provide you with a scholarship in your desired branch of art so that you can study in this country at the lowest cost. The conditions for receiving a scholarship for art fields are a strong resume, a letter of motivation, a high grade point average, an artistic portfolio, etc.

French language scholarship

Studying in French is another opportunity that allows you to get a scholarship. If you are interested in learning the language and want to learn about the culture and background of one of the Latin languages, the French language scholarship is a good choice.

French medical scholarship

Studying in the field of medicine in France is not so easy and inexpensive; It is definitely very difficult to be able to afford the expenses of this field with the permission of 20 hours of work per week! Therefore, the French government has provided about 130 scholarship programs for international students interested in studying in this field. Among the most important scholarships, the following can be mentioned:

  • Erasmus Mundus Europe Scholarship
  • Charcot scholarship
  • French non-governmental organizations scholarship (for post-master’s degrees)

The best French universities for scholarships

France can be one of the best destinations for studying abroad. The high ranking of the universities and the high scientific level of this country’s education and training centers are a good guarantee for study migration to France. However, if you plan to get a scholarship in this country, looking at the list of universities that have made it possible to get a scholarship is not a bad idea.

General conditions for obtaining a French scholarship

If you intend to immigrate to France through a scholarship, it is good to check your conditions and prepare the necessary documents. One of the most critical steps you should take in this direction is coordinating and receiving advice from an educational immigration institution.

Immigrating and obtaining a scholarship in France is the best way to find a suitable job and create a harmonious life there.

Scholarship in France at the undergraduate level

Undergraduate studies in France for the last three years; As we have mentioned many times, it is possible to get a scholarship in some fields for this degree; the point that should be noted is that considering the competitiveness of receiving a scholarship for this degree, presenting some vital documents to the university can improve your chances. Increase to receive scholarships. Documents include a relevant and robust resume and portfolio, introductory motivation letter, high grades, etc.

Scholarship in France for Masters

Master’s degree studies in France last two years; The age requirement for receiving a scholarship at this level is less than 25 years, and as we mentioned earlier, the Eiffel scholarship is one of the most significant scholarships for the master’s degree in France, which fully covers the student’s living expenses.

Scholarship in France for Ph.D

Doctoral studies in France take 3 to 5 years; If you are looking for a scholarship at this stage, you should note that you must have a powerful resume, portfolio, and motivation letter; Because getting a scholarship at this stage is highly competitive. Having scientific articles published in ISI journals, having a certificate of participation in scientific research projects, and grades above 17 in the master’s and bachelor’s degrees are the most critical documents that increase your chances of receiving a scholarship.

Documents required for the French scholarship

Each of the different universities has its own set of rules and documents depending on your field of study and level of analysis, But in general, what you need to prepare to receive a French study visa is as follows:

  • Complete the scholarship application form
  • Identification documents (identity card, copy of passport with copy)
  • motivation letter
  • Resume or CV
  • Translation of transcripts
  • Translation of academic documents
  • Recommendation letter from one or two professors
  • Tax returns
  • If you intend to study in English: English language certificate (TOEFL or IELTS)
  • If you intend to study in French: French language certificate (Delph or TCF)
  • Standard test scores such as GRET and GMAT
  • Portfolio (for art majors)
  • Essay presentation (for some universities, especially at the master’s and doctoral levels)
  • Health evaluation form (for some universities)
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