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Educational migration without financial means

When we talk about immigration, affordability is one of the first challenges that comes to mind. Affordability is a way to show the destination country that you can afford the costs of living in that country. Countries usually set a minimum financial capacity for visa issuance. The more your monetary total exceeds this minimum, the better your visa chances are. Now, is it possible to migrate for education without financial resources? We will answer this question below.

What is financial capability?

Financial means is an account report presented to the destination country’s embassy and directly affects the applicant’s chances of obtaining a visa. The countries receiving the educational migrants set minimum financial means to ensure that the applicant can afford to live and study in that country. This minimum is determined according to the average essential cost of living in the destination country.

Is educational migration possible without financial resources?

As we said, financial ability is one of the most essential prerequisites for issuing a visa. The question here is whether educational migration will be possible without financial resources. The answer to this question is negative, but do not despair; read the rest of the article. Although it is impossible to immigrate with zero financial resources, educational migration with low economic resources will be possible. But how?

Choosing countries that have free education

Tuition and other university fees are essential to the educational migration costs. In such a situation, choosing countries with free education will help you immigrate with low financial means. Currently, Italy and Germany have provided free education for international students. In other words, although educational migration is not possible without financial resources, by choosing countries that have free education, your immigration costs will be significantly reduced.

Choosing countries where living is cheaper

Every country has its economic conditions, which directly affect the price of essential goods and the cost of living in that country. So, it is better to choose countries that have better conditions in this regard. For example, China, Italy, and Spain are considered cheaper countries than other immigration destinations. Living in France, Germany, and Canada is more expensive. As a result, even though educational migration is only possible with financial resources, choosing cheaper countries will help you reduce the resources needed to a great extent.

Selection of countries that offer scholarships

Scholarships are offered with different conditions and amounts. Some scholarships cover only the cost of education, and some will cover the cost of education and living simultaneously. For example, if you receive an Italian provincial scholarship, your education will be free, and you will also receive a living allowance. Of course, scholarships are usually awarded to you after entering the destination country and do not eliminate the need for financial resources.


Financial ability is one of the most critical factors affecting the applicant’s visa chances Because the destination country must ensure you can afford living and education expenses. However, there are ways to experience migration on a budget.

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