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The cost of immigrating to Canada

High educational and educational quality levels, job security, a 5% unemployment rate, sound economic and welfare conditions, etc., are among the factors that make many people choose Canada as their study, work, and life destination every year. If you are among the applicants to live in this cold country, checking the immigration costs is one of the first steps you should take in your immigration process. This article will review the various ways to immigrate to Canada and introduce the cheapest ways.

Factors affecting immigration costs to Canada

First, it is good to know that the cost of immigrating to this country varies depending on how you choose to immigrate. But in general, the price of a lawyer, translation of documents, embassy, ​​evaluation of documents, passport, health status, costs related to fingerprinting, visa costs, confirmation of educational qualifications from WES Canada, etc., are among the fixed expenses for immigrating to Canada that should be considered. Also, there is another crucial point about the exchange rate that you should pay attention to when conducting financial affairs; Because there are many banks and economic exchange platforms that may increase the exchange rate to get more profit.

The cost of immigrating to Canada through work

Since Canada has a meager unemployment rate and its cities have high job security, immigration through work can be a good option for obtaining a visa in this country. Regarding the cost of immigration through work, we must say that applicants can apply through the Skilled Worker Canada and Express Entry programs, which are based on factors such as age, educational qualification, work experience, language qualification, job offer, etc. It is practical to obtain them.

If you intend to obtain Canadian residency through a skilled worker, it is good to know that you must have an amount of about 10-12 thousand dollars in your account; This amount is also different for Express Entry. Regarding the cost of living in Canada, depending on the lifestyle of people and the city of destination, the cost of living is different. Still, the average monthly expenses generally range from $1,500 to $2,500.

The cost of immigrating to Canada with Express Entry

Working immigration through the Express Entry program is one of the fastest ways to obtain a Canadian visa. You can apply online for this program and apply for a Canadian work visa if you receive the necessary points. Regarding the financial ability required to immigrate to Canada with Express Entry, we must say that if you intend to immigrate alone, you need an amount of about 14 thousand Canadian dollars; Also, if you plan to immigrate with your partner and spouse, you need about 16 thousand Canadian dollars as financial resources.

The cost of immigrating to Canada through education

One of the most popular ways to immigrate to this country is to obtain a Canadian study visa. Regarding the costs of studying in this country, the prices are different depending on the field and level of education of the people, the university, and the city of their destination. Apart from the cost of preparation and translation of documents and IELTS test, if you plan to study in college and high school in this country, you have to spend an amount of about 20 to 50 thousand Canadian dollars annually, this amount is between 15 to 30 during the undergraduate and master’s period. They are calculated in thousand Canadian dollars.

Reducing the costs of studying immigration to Canada

Academic immigration to Canada is not cheap by itself. Still, by using these solutions, you can reduce the costs of literary immigration to Canada and experience cheap literary immigration to Canada:

  • Scholarships: In Canada, various scholarships are available to international students. The most essential type of scholarship in Canada is related to tuition discounts. You can receive a tuition discount of up to 15,000 Canadian dollars and experience a free education in Canada by presenting an excellent academic record (high average). Some Canadian universities also have competitive scholarships, which means that if you study in these universities and are among the top GPAs, you will receive tuition discounts or living expenses.
  • Obtaining funds: If you are applying for a research-oriented master’s degree or a doctorate abroad, it is possible to get funds for you. For this, you need to find a professor in Canadian universities with research funding and the capacity to accept students and then send your proposal to him. If the professor approves, you will receive funds to make your education accessible and cover your living expenses.

What is the cheapest way to immigrate to Canada?

The answer to this question largely depends on the circumstances of the applicant. Because for example, studying for a doctorate in Canada is almost free and funded by the university; As a result, if you have a master’s degree, educational migration will be much cheaper than other methods. If you want to apply for an undergraduate or high school degree, the cost of studying in Canada is very high, and immigration through skilled labor will be a cheaper method for you.

According to what was said in the previous paragraph, we cannot confidently say which is the cheapest method of immigrating to Canada. Instead, the conditions of each applicant should be checked, and the most affordable and suitable way should be suggested.

Indirect immigration to Canada

As you can see in this article, immigrating to Canada is not cheap, and each method has its own cost. If you cannot afford these costs, do not lose hope and use indirect immigration. For this, it is enough first to enter France to study, and after finishing your studies, immigrate to the province of Quebec, Canada. France has a perfect relationship with the Canadian province of Quebec, and student and labor exchanges are always going on between the two. On the other hand, the cost of immigrating to France is much lower than the cost of immigrating to Canada. You can experience free education in France by presenting a B2 French language certificate.

The cost of immigrating to Canada through investment

Investment costs in Canada vary depending on the states and cities of this country. For example, to invest in the form of Quebec until 2023, people could provide an amount of about 2 million dollars to the government and pay approximately 1,200,000 Canadian dollars as a deposit to the government to get permanent residence in Canada. Undoubtedly, these costs and conditions are different in other cities. Still, if we want to say, in general, to immigrate to Canada through investment, you need an amount of more than 250 thousand dollars.

The cost of immigrating to Canada to obtain self-employment

Suppose you have the high and necessary ability and skills in your profession to pull out your carpet anywhere in the world. In that case, the Canadian self-employment visa can be a suitable option for you. This program is for artists and athletes with relevant work experience and a strong resume. The cost of immigration in this way includes costs such as checking the information and documents of the applicant and his companions, biometric process and authentication of the person, third-party fees (including health assessment, wrong background certificate, documents related to foreign language training, etc.) and… which costs about 3 dollars.

The cost of an immigration lawyer to Canada

Undoubtedly, choosing a professional and knowledgeable lawyer to guide the Canadian immigration process is one of the most critical and decisive actions that applicants for immigration to Canada should keep in mind. A good and reliable immigration lawyer has experience, strong communication skills, availability and communication, honesty, a valid license to practice law, etc. International awareness. However, the rate determined by each immigration consultant and lawyer differs, and this amount varies from 2 thousand to 6 thousand dollars.

Is it possible to immigrate to Canada for free?

There are various ways to immigrate to Canada, cheaply and safely, from obtaining a work visa to studying there. The first step for immigration is to answer the question, which method of immigration to this country is right for you?

Studying immigration to Canada is the best way to find a suitable job and form a harmonious life there. To learn more about the conditions of studying and working in Canada and getting admission, you can get help from the consultants of the Educational Immigration Institute.

Introducing the cheapest way to immigrate to Canada and the cost of living

Immigration through work, asylum, education, immigration through marriage, the birth of a child, immigration through self-employment, sponsorship, home nursing, etc., are among the cheap and low-cost ways to immigrate to Canada. As we said before, the cost of living in this famous country varies depending on the destination city and people’s lifestyle. Still, the average amount that can be considered for a person’s life during a year is about 15 thousand dollars per year, which may be less or even more depending on the conditions and choices of people’s lives.

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