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Advantages and disadvantages of living in England Review of living conditions in England

Like many other European and American countries, living in England has its advantages and disadvantages. In general, when the issue of immigration comes up, most people only examine the positive aspects of that country; This is in the case that getting to know the disadvantages and reading the negative points related to the living conditions in the destination country is one of the most important things that should be taken into account. In this article, we will examine all aspects of life in England, living conditions, advantages and disadvantages of this country, etc.

Getting to know the living conditions in England

England, located in the European continent next to the countries of Wales and Scotland, has been able to form a significant part of the United Kingdom. From an economic point of view, we must say that England is among the top six countries in the world economy and has a high gross domestic product growth rate; This issue has created diverse jobs and increased job security in this country.

In addition to its sound economic and industrial status, England has become one of Europe’s historical and cultural attractions with its rich cultural and historical background. In addition, the existence of top universities and the high quality of education in this country have caused many people to choose England as their study destination every year.

Regarding the weather condition of this country, we must also say that England has an unpredictable weather condition; so you may experience rain and strong wind during a hot and sunny day; But in general, the weather in England is often associated with fog, rain, and humidity, and the amount of rainfall in this country is also very high.

How are the people of England?

The culture of the people of England has been formed from the combination of different nations, their influence on each other, and the historical, cultural, religious, etc. background. In addition to the mentioned cases, the interaction with the culture of the European continent, the old traditions of England, the individual culture of the people, etc., have also significantly influenced the current culture of the people. In general, the people of England are warm, kind, hospitable, friendly, respectful, etc. In the first encounter, they seem a little dry and cautious, which we must say, they only behave with strangers and in the first encounters, But they are generally very respectful and kind.

The current economic situation in England

As we mentioned earlier, England is one of the largest economic hubs in Iran, which has an advanced and prosperous economic and industrial system. The economy of this country depends on ample financial resources such as agriculture, forestry, fishing, animal husbandry, resources and power, construction, property, finance, investment, services, etc., which has made the British economy multidimensional and stable.

The state of health and welfare in England

Regarding the state of health and welfare in England, we must say that the improvement in the health and care situation of this country is reflected in the increase in the life expectancy of the society; Because the average life expectancy in this country is 75 to 80 years, it can be concluded that England has a good health status.

The insurance plan, the National Health Service, which is one of the organs of the central government and includes doctors, dentists, specialists, etc., is also among the most critical care services in this country.

Education status in England

One of the most significant decisions for applicants to study abroad is to find a suitable country for education and life. The presence of numerous universities and excellence, such as Oxford, in the cities of this country has made England one of the best study destinations for international students.

Also, short-term study courses, high-quality teaching, diverse disciplines, valid academic degrees, superior scientific and welfare facilities, diverse job opportunities, high job security, etc., are among the reasons that have made the education situation in this country favorable.

The current state of employment in the UK

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, England is one of the most economically appreciative countries in the world. Various factories and industries in the commercial, engineering, industrial, tourism, etc., sectors have also led to high job security and diverse work opportunities in this country. It is also good to know that the unemployment rate in the UK in 2022 was announced to be less than 4%!

Where do I start to immigrate to England?

There are different ways to immigrate to the UK. From obtaining a work visa to studying in this country. The first step for immigration is to answer the question, which method of immigration to this country is right for you?

A British study visa is the best way to find a suitable job and live harmoniously in this country.

Advantages of living in the UK

Apart from the pleasant weather, the beautiful architecture of the cities, many amenities, etc., many things have made the living conditions in the towns of England favorable. Among the obvious advantages of living in this country, the following can be mentioned:

  • The possibility of living in an original and rich culture:

England has been the birthplace of many great scientists, writers, artists, and history-makers; This is why this country has a rich cultural and historical background. Apart from that, the opportunity to be in the historical and cultural space of the cities of this country is one of the advantages of living in England.

  • Having social support from the UK government:

The British government is one of those governments that always thinks of providing many facilities and services to increase the welfare of the people. The social support of this country in various sectors of health, education, occupational society, etc., are among the most important benefits of living in this country.

  • Good geographical location of England:

England is located on one of the most beautiful continents in the world, with favorable weather conditions and pristine nature. This is why people staying in this country can experience life in one of the countries with the best climate in the Green Continent and choose to travel to other countries of this continent with affordable costs.

  • Possibility of living in developed cities:

The developed infrastructure of British cities is one of the other advantages that can create favorable living conditions for its residents. The existence of transportation systems, garbage collection, and city cleaning, numerous playgrounds, parks, movie theaters, etc., are some of the city facilities that you will have access to in most of the developed cities of this city.

  • Favorable situation of businesses:

Favorable economic conditions and the many supports of the British government for new businesses and start-ups have made small and large companies provide many job opportunities. It is also good to know that England has one of the largest financial markets in the world; This issue has made many people choose this country as their work destination for immigration.

  • The high quality of the scientific and educational system:

The presence of top universities in the cities of this country, large and rich libraries, prominent professors, the scientific and cultural background of England, etc., have made this country one of the most popular study destinations.

  • High quality of life in England:

England’s good economic and political situation has made the people living in this country have a good level of well-being. Another remarkable thing that has increased prosperity in England is the interaction between work and income; Having said that, even though the cost of living in England is high, the quality of life in its expensive cities is also in good condition.

Disadvantages of living in England

As we said earlier, every country has its advantages and disadvantages. In this section, we are going to examine the most prominent disadvantages of living in this country:

  • There is heavy traffic

It is good to know that traffic is an inseparable part of England’s narrow and old streets and if you plan to use a private car, you will probably have to spend a lot of time in traffic.

  • There are strict rules

One of the disadvantages and difficulties of living in England is related to the strict rules this country imposes for issuing visas. Study and work visa applicants are evaluated in this country under deep supervision.

  • There is competition in the labor market

Another disadvantage of Zangi in England is the heavy competition in the labor market. Of course, this case cannot be considered a defect, but the path of finding a job can be viewed as a bit challenging; Because it is evident that the greater your ability, expertise, and experience in your field of work, the easier it will be for you to find a job.

  • The high cost of living in the UK

Life in England is a bit more expensive than in other European countries; Of course, as we said, the interaction between work and income has made the burden of expenses not too heavy for the residents of the cities of this country; However, high prices still exist in some developed cities such as London.

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