Wanted jobs in France

Wanted jobs in France

Eiffel, Louvre, Palace of Versailles and dozens of other familiar names have made France an ideal tourist and immigration destination. Few people in the world have yet to dream of travelling and living in France. Many dialogues and sequences in Hollywood movies prove this claim. How to find a job in this country? And what kind of jobs in France are needed to apply for it? We have answered all these questions in this article.

What jobs does France need?

The French government faces a labour shortage in private sector positions and announces these jobs yearly. Immigrants from all over the world can apply according to their expertise to find the job they want. The required employment in France in 2023, according to the list announced by the government of this country, are as follows:

  • Maintenance technicians
  • Warehouse staff
  • Insurance officer
  • Data Analyst
  • Midwifery and nursing (including nurses, assistant nurses, nurses for older people and nurses for people with disabilities)
  • commercial manager
  • Administrative Officer
  • Service employee
  • Financial and accounting clerk
  • computer engineer
  • programmer
  • Web developer
  • Driver (including drivers of buses, trucks, and delivery cars)

The process of obtaining a work visa in France

To work in France, you must first receive a job offer from a French employer. After that, you can apply for a work visa through the French embassy. Remember that mastering the French language is one of the essential prerequisites for receiving a job offer. Although France is a tourist country, few people speak English fluently. The question is, is it impossible to get a job offer by mastering the English language? No, it is not impossible, but you will have a much lower chance of getting a job offer than French-speaking people.

Documents required to be presented to the French employer

To find a job in France, you must prepare documents for the employer to check. Here is a list of these documents:

  • Letter of request for specialist staff in the desired job position
  • Educational qualifications related to the selected job

After the employer’s approval, it is the embassy’s turn to issue your work visa. The documents you must present to the embassy to obtain a work visa in France are as follows:

  • The documents related to the job offer have been received
  • Commitment form to comply with labour laws in France
  • Passport with at least three months validity
  • Work visa application form
  • Lease of residence in France
  • Signed work contract
  • Degrees
  • Documents related to work experience
  • Clearances
  • Certificate of no financial failure in the last ten years
  • Two three by four photos

Other ways to obtain a work visa in France

There are other ways to find a job in France. You can take a technical and professional course according to your field of study and then work as an intern. But the technical and professional trainee needs to receive a salary, and you must pay for your stay in France. However, applying for a work visa requires submitting financial documents for temporary residence in France.

Obtaining a work visa after completing the course of study in France

Another way to get a work visa in France is to study in this country. After checking into this country, you will have six months to find a job. After finding a job, you must renew your work visa every six months by submitting employment documents. You can apply for permanent residence after four years of working in this country.

How to find a job in France?

So far, we have explained the steps you should take after receiving a job offer. But the main question is how to find a job in this country knowing the jobs needed in France. Unlike some countries, France does not give you a temporary residence visa to find a job, and you have to go through employment agencies to find the job you want. First, ensure that your speciality is on France’s list of required assignments. After that, try to bring your language level to at least B1, and then apply through the employment agencies listed below:

  • Jobsinparis.fr
  • Thelocal.fr
  • Babylangues.com
  • Fusac.fr

To search for the job you want in a more detailed way, we have brought you employment agencies that specialize in a specific field of work:

  • Letudiant.fr is for students and those who have just finished their studies
  • Lhotellerie-restauration.fr for hotel and restaurant businesses
  • Cadremploi.fr for management jobs
  • Employ-strategies.fr for jobs related to marketing, public relations and communications

What are the highest-paying jobs in France?

If you have all the necessary conditions to obtain a work visa in France, it is apparent that you choose a job that has more income and makes your life easier. The minimum wage for full-time legal work in France in 2023 is €1,709 monthly. This will be your minimum income regardless of your expertise. But naturally, your payment amount will differ depending on the job you choose. According to last year’s statistics, the highest-paying jobs in France are as follows. Note that the numbers you see are the annual earnings for that job.

  • Doctor, 133,000 euros
  • Healthcare professional, 74,000 euros
  • Computer specialist, €64,000
  • Business manager, €50,000
  • Nurse and midwife, 46,000 euros
  • Programmer, €46,000
  • Maintenance technician, €32,000
  • Elderly and general nurse, 28,000 euros
  • Nursing assistant, 28,000 euros
  • Driver, 16,000 euros

Of course, jobs such as piloting and carpentry are empty in this list, but in this article, we have discussed the jobs included in the list of required jobs in France this year.

last word

In the article you read, we tried to collect everything you need to know about the jobs required in France. Let us know if you have any questions or need help in this regard.

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