The best language certificate to immigrate to Canada

The best language certificate to immigrate to Canada

Canada is one of the best countries to study and live in. Obtaining a study visa for this country is possible by proving mastery of English and French. Now, the question is what language certificates are approved by universities and the Canadian Immigration Department. This article will introduce you to the best language certificate for immigrating to Canada.

Immigrate to Canada with a French language degree

Canada has two official languages: English and French. The official language of the Canadian province of Quebec is French. Montreal, located in Quebec, Canada, is the second-largest French-speaking city in the world. To immigrate to this part of Canada, you need to provide a French language certificate. Currently, proof of mastery of the French language is mainly done with two certificates, TCF and TEF.

TEF test to immigrate to Canada

The TEF test was created for the first time in 1988 in Paris to check people’s familiarity with the French language. In the framework of the European Union, the spit test has six different levels, but in the framework of Canadian law (NCLC), it has 12 different levels. Participating in this test and receiving a passing grade is necessary for various purposes, including obtaining Canadian citizenship and immigrating to Quebec.

The TEF test is one of the old French language tests that France first held. Currently, residents worldwide can use this test’s result to immigrate to Canada or France. The TEF test is one of the world’s most critical international French language tests, which usually has six levels. However, according to Canadian immigration laws, 12 groups are considered for this test. Like most language tests, this test has four main parts: reading, speaking, listening and writing.

TCF test to immigrate to Canada

Another accepted test for educational immigration to Canada is the TCF, which has different types. For example, one kind of TCF is for academic immigration to the province of Quebec, Canada, and another type is for obtaining permanent residence in Canada. Other kinds of TCF are used to immigrate to France. Currently, more than 600 centres in the world conduct the TCF exam.

Immigrate to Canada with an English language degree.

Apart from French, the official language of Canada is English, and most Canadians speak this language. In fact, for educational immigration to most Canadian provinces, you need to provide an English language certificate. Among the language tests, IELTS is the most accepted by Canadian universities. In this section, we examine the different English language tests for educational immigration to Canada and how to convert the scores of each one.


The IELTS test has British roots and has been used for academic studies in English-speaking countries for many years. Most international universities recognize the IELTS test score as the basis for admission. Canadian universities are no exception to this rule. This test has four main parts (speaking, listening, writing and reading).


The Canadian Immigration Department specially designed this test for immigrants to this country; therefore, it is the best language test for immigrants to Canada. The CELPIP exam has two types: General and General LS. To choose one of these two types, you must check which of these two tests is required by the university you are looking for or the method you have chosen to immigrate to Canada.

Study immigration to Canada through France

Direct immigration to Canada has quite a lot of complications. For example, the financial ability required for unrestrained immigration to Canada is much higher than in European countries. Due to the existing restrictions on direct immigration to Canada, many people are desperate to immigrate to this country. The good news is that there is another way to immigrate to Canada. You can pave your way to immigrate to Canada by immigrating to France and obtaining a visa. Because the Canadian province of Quebec has a good relationship with France, the exchange of students or labour between the two always happens.

last word

Educational immigration to Canada is possible by obtaining a French or English language certificate. To prove your mastery of these two languages, we discussed various documents in this article. If you are fluent in both languages, you will have a unique advantage when studying in Canada. On the other hand, you can immigrate to Canada indirectly by obtaining a French visa.

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