Cheap educational immigration

Cheap educational immigration

Educational migration has different costs, including registering at the university, checking documents, etc. Many people believe educational migration is a costly process, But with the right choices, you can minimize these costs and experience cheap educational migration. In this article, we examine the ways of affordable educational migration.

Reducing the costs of the educational immigration process

For educational immigration, you need to go through a series of steps, each of which has its costs. In the following, we examine the costs of the educational immigration process and the ways to reduce each of them:

  • Application Fee: The path of educational immigration begins with admission, and to register an admission application, you need to pay a fee to the destination university. Interestingly, some universities don’t have Phi applications, such as the University of Turin in Italy and the University of Leeds in England. In fact, by choosing wisely, you can eliminate this cost.
  • The cost of visa application and document review: After receiving the acceptance, it is time to get a visa, and to get a ticket, you need to pay the application registration fee and the document review fee to the desired embassy. Each country has its own conditions in terms of visa costs, but in general, this cost is not high compared to other costs.
  • Funding: Another cost of the visa process is funding, which must be in your account at the time of visa application. To reduce the cost of financing, choosing a country with a low cost of living is necessary. For example, the costs in Spain are 123% cheaper than in Canada’s. If you are interested in affordable study migration, we recommend Italy and Spain.

Free study abroad

Some foreign universities do not have tuition fees, and some foreign countries offer scholarships that cover university fees and make it possible to study for free. In the following, we examine the ways to study abroad for free:

  • Studying in universities without tuition fees: some foreign universities do not have tuition fees. For example, looking at German public universities is free, and you don’t need to pay any tuition fees to study at these universities. By choosing Germany as your study destination, you can experience free study abroad.
  • Study abroad with a scholarship: Each of the world’s advanced countries has its scholarships. For example, Canada provides tuition assistance with a GPA condition, and in France, you can use the CAF organization’s aid. The best country in terms of scholarships is Italy; Because in this country, you can receive up to 7,000 euros in scholarships without a GPA condition.

The best countries for cheap study migration

As explained in the previous sections, choosing the country is one of the most important and influential points in cheap educational migration. You can significantly reduce your expenses by choosing your destination wisely. In the following, we introduce the best countries for affordable study migration.


Many people believe Italy is the best country for cheap and free education. This opinion corresponds to reality; the cost of living in Italy is 24% more affordable than in Canada and 9% more reasonable than in Germany. In fact, Italy is considered one of the cheapest options for studying and living among developed countries. In addition, Italy offers one of the best scholarships in Europe under the provincial scholarship. This scholarship usually covers the student’s tuition and housing costs, and you can use the remainder for living expenses. What’s more interesting is that this scholarship has no GPA requirement, and everyone has a chance to get it.


The cost of living in Spain is 123% cheaper than in Canada. This country is considered one of the cheapest countries to live in Europe. Interestingly, in addition to cheap educational immigration, Spain has provided the possibility of academic immigration without a language certificate for international students. If you intend to apply for a doctorate, it is possible to study for a doctorate in Spain for free.


Studying at German public universities is free. It would help if you got accepted to one of these universities to look for free in Germany. Of course, it is necessary to note that the competition to enter these universities is high, and those with a high-grade point average, ISI article, or work experience related to their field of study will have a better chance of entering these universities.


Studying in France is generally not free, but you can experience free study for some fields and courses. In addition, in France, by having a student card, you can take advantage of special discounts such as transportation discounts. The CAF scholarship is another way to reduce studying costs in France. The French government also supports international students by providing housing loans.

Cheap medical education abroad

In general, medicine is an expensive field to study abroad. For example, if you intend to study medicine in America, you must pay at least $160,000 annually. But there are countries where the cost of studying medicine is much lower than America, Canada, and Germany. For example, studying medicine in China is 60% cheaper than studying medicine in America. Interestingly, you do not need to take an entrance exam or learn Chinese to study general medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy in China. You can experience cheap medical education in China by providing the experience diploma and IELTS certificate. It should be noted that all Chinese universities are accepted by the Ministry of Health, and with a Chinese medical degree, you can work in different parts of the world.

Spain and France are among the other countries that provide you with cheap medical education. Spain is one of the cheapest countries in Europe, where the cost of living is 123% more affordable than Canada, and the French government reduces the cost of studying for international students by providing a series of special supports. Among the most critical scholarships in France, we can mention the CAF grant and mortgage loan. In addition, in France, you can take advantage of special discounts for public transportation and entry to tourist places by having a student card.

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