Shipping in Canada

Shipping in Canada

As you know, many students in our country and other countries commute by public transportation, which is one of the reasons for their high speed. One of the common questions of applicants to study in Canada is about the transportation system in this country. Therefore, in this article, we will talk more about transportation in Canada.

Transportation system in Canada

The transportation system in Canada is very reliable, and international students can use public transportation or bicycles or even walk from their residence to the university. The transportation system in Canada includes buses, trains, and subways. It should be noted that discounts have been provided for students, which they can use to save on their travel expenses. In the following, we will get to know more about these vehicles.

  • Bus
  • Bus is one of the ordinary means of transportation in Canada, and among the provinces and cities of this country, Toronto has the most extensive bus system.
  • Subway
  • When highways and roads are crowded, and traffic is heavy, the best means of transportation is the subway. The Metro is one of the most popular means of transportation among Canadians, and it was first used in Toronto. Montreal, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver and Ottawa also benefit from the underground high-speed transit system.
  • Passenger train
  • The commuter train is another means of transportation in Canada and is very convenient for commuters travelling from the suburbs to the city centre. However, it could be more efficient for students, and if they want to go around their place of residence, they can use the commuter train.
  • Bike
  • A bicycle is the healthiest means of transportation. Many Canadian universities encourage their students to use bikes without having to buy them by offering programs such as the possibility of using shared bicycles. It should be noted that using bicycles is impossible due to cold and frost in some seasons. Of course, non-students can also rent a bike from stations in the city.
  • Taxi
  • Another means of public transportation in Canada is the taxi, which is available in this country’s major cities. Most of the big cities have at least three taxi companies, and the local authorities determine the amount for their fare. It is worth mentioning that the taxi fare cost is higher than other means of transportation in Canada and starts from 20 Canadian dollars. Tipping taxi drivers is also very common in this country, and about 20% of the fare should be considered for this purpose.

Student discount shipping in Canada

After learning about the transportation systems in Canada, it is okay to learn about the student discount. Students studying at Canadian universities can pay less for transportation by getting cards. Since Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver are among the popular student cities in Canada, we will provide information about student transportation discount cards in these cities.

  • Toronto
  • The PRESTO card is an electronic card that students will pay less for transportation.
  • Montreal
  • OPUS is a smart card that reduces students’ transportation costs by at least 40% per month. Students can apply for this card online or by visiting the post office and other designated places or their university’s website.
  • Vancouver
  • The Compass Card is a rechargeable fare card used to pay for all transportation in Vancouver. Students can get a compass wristband and pay their rent with it.
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